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Dahesh Voice

Dahesh Voice is a cultural magazine that deals with intellectual subjects by independent writers. It is published in both the Arabic and the English languages under one cover, is presented to you in a simple yet elegant format accompanied by calligraphic, full-color and other various illustrations. Dahesh Voice addresses itself to all, experts and non-experts alike. It aspires to commit its articles to a high standard of objectivity, while at the same time remains receptive to every truth, virtue and beauty. For those reasons, among others, Dahesh Voice has adopted a direction that is both humanistic and spiritual. It has embraced the task of further introducing to the world a great philosopher and writer—Dr. Dahesh—whose literary creations have exceeded 150 works in several literary genres encompassing quite novel views about the concerns of humanity. Dahesh Voice has been named after Dr. Dahesh because of the values that the word “Dahesh” came to symbolize, ideally those of truth, virtue, and specially liberty—all represented by the very life of the man himself. Perhaps it is no coincidence that Dahesh Voice is to appear today in New York, the city that witnessed at the turn of the twentieth century the revival of a literary movement then headed by Kahlil Gibran, author of The Prophet. Finally, after a lengthy period of quiescence, this eagerly awaited for magazine is here to fill a void in the immigrant world of literary journalism.

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