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Dahesh Voice Vol. 7 № 4 Issue # 28, March 2002
English Section:

E. Burner Zinnias 46 x 38 inches © From Private Collection


Editorial:  Culture and the Progress of Civilization
The Editor  Page # 1


Cosmology:  Our Universe and its Fate
Sema‘an I. Salem, Ph.D  Page # 4


Essay:  A Letter to My Daughter
Douglas Johnson  Page # 12


Selections:  … And Time Went by
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 20


Profile:  A Family of the Pen and Values
Majed Mehdi  Page # 28


Arabic Heritage:  Lines from Abul-‘Ala’ Al-Ma‘arri
Abul-‘Ala’ Al-Ma‘arri  Page # 33


Arabic Heritage:  The Ruins
Ahmed Zaki Abu Shadi  Page # 34


Arabic Heritage:  Supplication ─ A Prayer
Ameen Rihani  Page # 36


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Dahesh Voice Vol. 6 № 4 Issue # 24, March 2001

English Section

Editorial:  The Importance of Developing Critical and Creative Intellect in Youth The Editor
The Editor  Page # 1


Exobiology:  Extraterrestrials! Where are They?
Sema‘an I. Salem, Ph.D.  Page # 4


Medicine:  Cardiovascular Disease and Hypertension
Donald D. Smyth, Ph.D. and S. Brian Penner, MD, FRCP  Page # 15


Medicine:  Blood Pressure Measurement
S. Mukaddam, Ph.D.  Page # 19


Dahesh Heritage:  The Concept of Beauty in the Poetry of Dr. Dahesh
Mursi Saad el-Din, Ph.D.  Page # 23


Selections:  The City of Immortal People
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 26


Selections:  Shall Return
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 30

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 1 No. 1 Issue # 1 - June 1995
Editorial: Dahesh Voice
The Editor Page # 1

Science: The Physical Nature of Light
Louay Eldada, Ph.D. Page # 3

Could Daheshism Be the Solution
Mounir Murad Page # 10

The Daheshist Journey
Mario Henry Chakkour Page # 16

Selections: The Hospitaliy of Jonas and Peter
Dr. Dahesh Page # 26 Learn More

Dahesh Voice Vol. 9 № 1 Issue # 33, Summer 2003
English Section:

© Réunion des Musées Nationaux / Art Resource, NY Torso of an Amarnian Princess End of the 18th Dynasty Painted limestone E 14715. Photo: H. Lewandowski Location: Louvre, Paris, France


Editorial:  World Peace Depends on Justice and Equality…
The Editorial Board  Page # 1


Global Issues:  Altering the Delicate Balance of Nature
Sema`an I. Salem, Ph.D.  Page # 4


Global Issues:  Protection of Cultural Heritage
Taysir Nashif, Ph.D.  Page # 10


Civilization:  Pyramids and The Sphinx: Gifts of The Desert
Farouk El-Baz  Page # 13


Art:  Visiting New York’s Top Art Museums
Vladimir F. Wertsman  Page # 19


Selections:  Harmakhis and Amonarits
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 29

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 8 № 4 Issue # 32, Spring 2003
English Section:

Nazzareno Cipriani, Head of a North African Woman Watercolor over traces of pencil on paper 15 x 11 inches © Copyright Dahesh Museum of Art. All rights reserved


Editorial:  From Globalization to “One World”
The Editor  Page # 1


Literature:  Classical Encyclopedia – II…
Ahmed Etman, Ph.D.  Page # 4


Civilization:  Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Sameh M. Arab, M.D., Ph.D  Page # 7


Civilization:  Mathematics in Ancient Mesopotamia
Sema`an I. Salem, Ph.D.  Page # 14


Pedagogy:  A Communicative Approach to Teaching Arabic…(II)
George N. El-Hage, Ph.D  Page # 20


Selections:  Memoirs of A Dinar: The Philosophy of War
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 28

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The Miracles of the Founder of Daheshism And His Wondrous Prodigies (HD1)
Halim Dammous
This is the first volume in the series: The miracles of Dr. Dahesh and His Wondrous Prodigies. The author relates the story of his first acquaintance with Dr. Dahesh and his belief in his message as well as how this belief effected in him a spiritual regeneration and rebirth. Also he relates some of the miracles he witnessed performed by the founder of Daheshism over a period of eight months (from May untill December of the year 1942).
There are accounts of such miracles as instanteneous transportation of objects from far places and control over them, prophecies unveiling hidden objects and the miraculous healings. The most amazing of these miracles relate restoring life to the dead and the descent of a creature from another extraterrestial material world and his revelation of astounding spiritual truths.
The author does not only relate the miracle, but he also comments on them, adding his own interpretation or contemplation of the happenings.
The first Daheshist believer, Yussuf Al-Hajj, preceded Halim Dammous in recording the miracles he had witnessed from March 23, 1942 until May of the same year.

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The Miracles of Dr. Dahesh and His Spiritual Manifestations (MH)
Marie Hadad
This is the third volume in the Series: The Miracles of Dr. Dahesh and His Wondrous Prodigies. The painter and author, Mary Hadad, relates some miracles which happened from January 1944 until mid- July of the same year.
In her introductory chapter, Marie Hadad relates how she and the members of her family became acquainted with Dr. Dahesh and their belief in his divine message. She also makes reference to the Daheshist teachings and the significance of a miracle.
The reader finds in this volume the miracle of the death of the birds and their restoration to life again, the immediate materialization of golden coins in the hands of the Speaker of the Lebanese House of Parliament, the transformation of water into wine. Another interesting aspect of this book is the correlation of the account of the miracles with the persecution campaign mounted against Dr. Dahesh, this persecution which began since the first spiritual session but which got increasingly violent and vicious after Mary Hadad and her family embraced Daheshism and Beshara El-Khoury rose to the presidency of the Lebanese Republic.

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Lights upon Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism
Ghazi Brax
A lecture in English presented in the Faculty for Comparative Study of Religions in Antwerpen, Belgium. The author discusses some of the teachings and concepts of Daheshism like its views of God, cosmic order and man's place in the cosmic system, divine justice, reincarnation, just retribution, and freedom. He interprets in light of the Daheshist teachings some of the happenings of daily life and human affairs.

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Man of Mystery
Iskandar Shahin
“All the journalists who are my colleagues who did not believe in Daheshism at least unanimously agreed that the man is a phenomenon in every sense of the word. Iskandar Shahin
“Dr Dahesh opened for us all the doors of his house… every door opened unto a suite which differed completely from every other suite. It differed in its precious antiques, its oil paintings, and its piles of books or its stuffed birds”. The Newspaper Al-Liwa
“Whatever the case of Dr Dahesh is, everyone who meets him cannot but reach one conclusion that the man is a strange phenomenon in our society”. The newspaper “Al-Gareeda”
“Daheshism is above all a spiritual notion… the transmigration of souls is a Divine mercy; if it didn’t exist, all human beings would have perished …” “Al- Isbuu’ Al- Arabi” Magazine.

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The Song of Songs - German Version (Das Hohelied)
Dr. Dahesh
The Song of Songs which Solomon the Wise, had chanted 3000 years ago exerted a long lasting influence on world literature. A great number of writers rendered it in their own style. Dr. Dahesh too had extracted from its gold mine the rough precious stone, hewing it down into shape with his pen and embossing it with gem-like descriptions drawn from his own creative imagination in the form of a musical drama.

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