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Dahesh Voice Vol. 1 № 4 Issue # 4, March 1996
English Version:

1994 Corel Corporation


Editorial:  Is Western Civilization in Crisis?
The Editor  Page # 1


Medical/Medicine:  The Biology of Behavior, A Focus on Panic Disorder
Salima Merani, Ph.D.  Page # 4


Science:  Lasers: Operation and Applications
Louay Eldada, Ph.D.  Page # 8


Reincarnation/ Philosophy:  Brief Description of Main Theories of Reincarnation
A. Watani  Page # 20


Selections:  Black Zola (A Trans. by A. Watani)
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 24

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 6 № 1 Issue # 21, June 2000
English Section:

Editorial:  Hope for Man’s Future
The Editorial Board  Page # 1


Selections:  Allah – (God)
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 4


Culture:  Zeno of Citium
Sema’an I. Salem, Ph.D. Lynda A. Salem M.S.L.S  Page # 5


 Civilization:  Canadian Inuit Autobiography...
Martin Behr  Page # 14


Personality:  Personality
Janine Pioger  Page # 17


Ethics:  On Kindness
Douglas Johnson  Page # 19


Interview:  I Dahesh Speak to you
Daoud A. Sayegh (journalist)  Page # 22


Selections:  Secrets of Life and Death
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 24

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 3 № 3 Issue # 11, Dec 1997
English Section:

The Lions Courtyard, Granada−Alhambra (Lions Statues−Interior Court).


 Editorial:  Where is Justice in Interrelationships?
The Editor  Page # 1


Literature:  William Blake and Kahlil Gibran...
George N. El-Hage, Ph.D  Page # 4


Medical/Medicine:  Risk of Cancer Attributed to Tobacco Smoking
Dr. Parviz Ghadirian  Page # 13


Culture:  Science in Muslim Spain
Sema’an I. Salem, Ph.D.  Page # 16


Ethics:  Globalizations of Culture...
Mursi Saad el-Din, Ph.D.  Page # 23


Selections:  Memoirs of A Dinar
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 27

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 8 № 1 Issue # 29, June 2002
© Copyright From Private Collection

English Section:

Editorial: Geniuses and the Revival of Civilization
The Editorial Board Page # 1

Selections: Plea to The Shining Stars
Dr. Dahesh Page # 4

Civilization: The Treble-faced Sicily: Greek, Latin & Arabic
Ahmed Etman, Ph.D. Page # 6

Civilization: The Phoenicians in Northwestern Europe
Sema‘an I. Salem, Ph.D. Page # 10

Medicine: Medical Aspects of Ibn al-Nafis’ Contributions to Science
Mohamad S.M. Takrouri,MB, ChB, FFARCS and Maizer Khalaf, MD, FKSU Page # 19

Selections: The Island of Sorrow
Dr. Dahesh Page # 26
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Dahesh Voice Vol. 1 № 3 Issue # 3, Dec. 1995
English Section:

Gibran Kahlil Gibran (thirty five years old)

Private collection, photo courtesy of Jean Gibran and Kahlil Gibran of Boston, Massachusetts (USA).


Editorial:  In the Centennial Anniversary of his Arrival in America
The Editorial Board  Page # 2


Selections:  Between Two Vipers. (trans. by Wadida Wassif)
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 4


Art:  The Science of Art Conservation
R. Sahliya, Ph.D.  Page # 6


Science:  GSPH-1: A Promising Vegetal Compound in the Fight Against AIDS
Mohamed Ben Amar, M.Sc. Richard Morisset, M.D. Parviz Ghadirian, Ph.D. Guy Poirier  Page # 13


Computers:  Computer Viruses Phenomena
Elias Majdalani, Ph.D.  Page # 17


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Dahesh Voice Vol. 5 № 3 Issue # 19, Dec. 1999
English Section:

Cover: Bedouins by Marie Hadad, © Dahesh Museum−New York.


Editorial:  The Person of the Twentieth Century
The Editor  Page # 1


Civilization:  The Calendar
Sema`an I. Salem, Ph.D. and Lynda A. Salem, M.S.L.S.  Page # 4


Medical:  Antioxidant Vitamins and Your Heart
Joseph F. Hanna, M.D. F.A.C.C.  Page # 13


Art:  Manichaeism of the African Theater
Suzy Suriam, Ph.D.  Page # 16


Essay:  A Life Truly Worth Living
Douglas S. Johnson  Page # 21


Selections:  The Departure of Christ
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 24


Selections:  The Divided Tree
Dr. Dahesh 

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 3 № 1 Issue # 9, June 1997
English Section:

admin Cover: CASIMIR RAYMOND (French),
Le gobelet bleu, watercolor. Private collection.


Editorial:  To Dr. Dahesh, on his Birthday
The Editorial Board  Page # 1


Ethics:  Of Duty
Douglas S. Johnson  Page # 20


Literature:  William Blake and Kahlil Gibran...
George N. El-Hage, Ph.D.  Page # 20


Selections:  Adonis and Astarte
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 24


Civilization:  Adonis Has Risen
Sema’an Salem, Ph.D. and Lynda A. Salem  Page # 31


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Dahesh Voice Vol. 7 № 3 Issue # 27, Dec. 2001
English Section:

Gisèle Delbord Young Girl from Tinerhir Oil on canvas, 41 x 33 inches © Copyright Dahesh Museum of Art


Editorial:  Civilization
The Editor  Page # 1


Literature:  Kahlil Gibran, The Man Versus the Legend
George N. El-Hage, Ph.D.  Page # 4


Civilization:  The Birth and Death of Civilizations
Sema‘an I. Salem, Ph.D  Page # 11


Civilization:  A New Theory on Hieroglyphs
Ossama Alsaadawi, Ph.D.  Page # 19


Medicine:  Back Pain
S. Mukaddam, Ph.D.  Page # 22


Selections:  In Love With Both
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 27


Selections:  The Charming Egyptian Princess
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 30

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 9 № 2 Issue # 34, Autumn 2003
English Section:

Dr. Fareed Abu Sleiman, Amesterdam–Holland


Editorial:  Is There Hope for Revival in the Underdeveloped Countries?
The Editor  Page # 1


Literature:  Badr Shakir al-Sayyab and the Role of the Modern Arab Poet
George N. El-Hage, Ph.D.  Page # 4


Cosmology:  Asteroids, Meteors, Comets, and Mass Extinctions
Sema`an I. Salem, Ph.D.  Page # 14


Selections:  Kingdom of Jinn
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 22


Eulogy:  In Memory of Dr. Fareed Abu Sleiman
Qassim Awada  Page # 30


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Dahesh Voice Vol. 4 № 4 Issue # 16, March 1999
English Section:

Editorial:  Civilization: Creative Minds and Spiritual Tendencies
The Editor  Page # 1


Literature:  The Nature of the Islamic Sources of Dante’s Divina Commedia
Ahmed Etman, Ph.D.   Page # 4


Medicine:  Multiple Sclerosis and Nutrition: Prevention and Risk
Parviz Ghadirian, Ph.D.  Page # 12


Women in Science:  Exceptional Lives: Madame Marie Curie
R. Sahliya, Ph.D.  Page # 15

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