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Dahesh Voice Vol. 8 № 1 Issue # 29, June 2002
© Copyright From Private Collection

English Section:

Editorial: Geniuses and the Revival of Civilization
The Editorial Board Page # 1

Selections: Plea to The Shining Stars
Dr. Dahesh Page # 4

Civilization: The Treble-faced Sicily: Greek, Latin & Arabic
Ahmed Etman, Ph.D. Page # 6

Civilization: The Phoenicians in Northwestern Europe
Sema‘an I. Salem, Ph.D. Page # 10

Medicine: Medical Aspects of Ibn al-Nafis’ Contributions to Science
Mohamad S.M. Takrouri,MB, ChB, FFARCS and Maizer Khalaf, MD, FKSU Page # 19

Selections: The Island of Sorrow
Dr. Dahesh Page # 26
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Dahesh Voice Vol. 7 № 4 Issue # 28, March 2002
English Section:

E. Burner Zinnias 46 x 38 inches © From Private Collection


Editorial:  Culture and the Progress of Civilization
The Editor  Page # 1


Cosmology:  Our Universe and its Fate
Sema‘an I. Salem, Ph.D  Page # 4


Essay:  A Letter to My Daughter
Douglas Johnson  Page # 12


Selections:  … And Time Went by
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 20


Profile:  A Family of the Pen and Values
Majed Mehdi  Page # 28


Arabic Heritage:  Lines from Abul-‘Ala’ Al-Ma‘arri
Abul-‘Ala’ Al-Ma‘arri  Page # 33


Arabic Heritage:  The Ruins
Ahmed Zaki Abu Shadi  Page # 34


Arabic Heritage:  Supplication ─ A Prayer
Ameen Rihani  Page # 36


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Dahesh Voice Vol. 5 № 4 Issue # 20, March 2000
English Section:

Editorial:  The 20th Century Heritage
The Editor  Page # 1


Literature:  Greek Into Latin through Arabic
Ahmed Etman, Ph.D.   Page # 4


Spiritual Guides:   Grandfather Gandhi, Peace Was His Way
Arun Gandhi, Ph.D.  Page # 11


Medicine:  The Future of Your Sight
David S. Karan M.D.  Page # 15


Human Rights:  Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflicts...
Taysir Nashif, Ph.D.  Page # 16


Culture:  Sports, Wars, and Facts
Nadia Hazboun Reimer  Page # 23


Selections:  Journey of A Red Rose
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 25

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 4 № 3 Issue # 15, Dec 1998
English Section:

admin and Arabic Cover: Art and Antiquities at The Nubia Museum, Aswan−Egypt. (see p.17)


Editorial:   World Crisis, The Fruit of Spiritual Decline
The Editorial Board  Page # 1


Literature:  The Snake, The Symbol of Healing
Sema’an Salem, Ph.D. and Lynda A. Salem  Page # 4


Art:  The Nubian Museum
Mursi Saad el-Din, Ph.D.  Page # 17


Medicine:  What to Know about Uterine Fibroids
David S. Majdalany  Page # 20


Literature:  Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth, by Dr. Dahesh A Brief Commentary
Douglas S. Johnson  Page # 26


Selections:  The Caravan of Life Moves On
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 28

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 4 № 2 Issue # 14, Sept. 1998
English Section:

admin and Arabic Cover: Picturesque panoramic views on Lake Maggiore−Italy.


Editorial:  Where are we from Respecting all Religious Beliefs Without Exception?
The Editorial Board  Page # 1


Literature:  The Lewis Carroll Phenomenon
Dr. Najwa Nasr  Page # 4


Social Issues:  Women, Health, and Development...
Shree Mulay, Ph.D.  Page # 13


Medical/Medicine:  Tobacco Smoking and Cardiovascular Risk
Dr. Parviz Ghadirian  Page # 16


Literature:  On Translating Dr. Dahesh
Prof. Jeanette W. S. Atiya  Page # 18


Selections:  Tyranny of the Tribe of the Giants
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 24


Ethics:  Notes on Living for Good
Douglas S. Johnson  Page # 26

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 1 No. 1 Issue # 1 - June 1995
Editorial: Dahesh Voice
The Editor Page # 1

Science: The Physical Nature of Light
Louay Eldada, Ph.D. Page # 3

Could Daheshism Be the Solution
Mounir Murad Page # 10

The Daheshist Journey
Mario Henry Chakkour Page # 16

Selections: The Hospitaliy of Jonas and Peter
Dr. Dahesh Page # 26 Learn More

Dahesh Voice Vol. 8 № 4 Issue # 32, Spring 2003
English Section:

Nazzareno Cipriani, Head of a North African Woman Watercolor over traces of pencil on paper 15 x 11 inches © Copyright Dahesh Museum of Art. All rights reserved


Editorial:  From Globalization to “One World”
The Editor  Page # 1


Literature:  Classical Encyclopedia – II…
Ahmed Etman, Ph.D.  Page # 4


Civilization:  Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Sameh M. Arab, M.D., Ph.D  Page # 7


Civilization:  Mathematics in Ancient Mesopotamia
Sema`an I. Salem, Ph.D.  Page # 14


Pedagogy:  A Communicative Approach to Teaching Arabic…(II)
George N. El-Hage, Ph.D  Page # 20


Selections:  Memoirs of A Dinar: The Philosophy of War
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 28

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 8 № 3 Issue # 31, Dec 2003
English Section

Untitled document

Editorial:  Globalization and its Consequences The Editor  Page # 1

Editorial:  A Communicative Approach to Teaching Arabic… George N. El-Hage, Ph.D.  Page # 4

Literature:  Al-Fun_«n, its Mission and Message (II) Richard Alan Popp, Ph.D.  Page # 12 

Religion:  Ancient Inscriptions Confirm Dr. Dahesh’s Assertion that Jesus Had Siblings Dr. Dahesh  Page # 20  

Museums and Exhibitions:  Arab Americans in New York City Vladimir F. Wertsman  Page # 31

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Large selection of bestseller translated Arabic literary, Novels and Poetry books into English
Works by Nagib Mahfouz, Hanan Asheikh, Nizar Kabbani, Yusuf Al Qaid, Amin Maalouf, Abd al Rahman Munif, Mohamed Berrada, Latifa Zayyat, Faidia Faqir, Ulfat Idilbi, Hoda Barakat, Janset Berkok Shami, Liyana Badr, Zayed Mutee Dammaj, Ibrahim Nasrallah, Aicha Lemsine, Assia Djebar, Rachid Mimouni, Sahar Khalifeh, Leila Sebbar, Nabil Saleh, Hassan Jamal Husseini, Fawzi Mellah, Zakaria Tamer, Anouar Majid, Gamil Atia Ibrahim, Nabil Naoum Gorgy, Al hakim, Sarhan, Salmawi, Taha Husein, Al Aqad, Abdel Halim, S, Abaza, I. Abdl Quddus, Enani, Bahgat, N. Kamel, Sabir, Al Hajim, Abdel Fattah, M. Taymour, Tubua, H. Abdallah Al Sahhar......

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Memoirs of a Dinar
Dr. Dahesh
An unusual novel which Dr. Dahesh had composed in less than 24 hours spread over 12 days (from the third to the fourteenth of January 1946).
The hero, a Dinar(a golden coin), by virtue of its transference from one hand to another roams several countries for almost a century. It wanders into cities, villages, palaces, cottages, monasteries, nighclubs; it travels in the air and dives to the bottom of the seas; it accompanies good and bad people, kings and commons; it listens to animals and witnesses two national liberation movements in India and England as well as two World Wars and later a third World War! Above all, it records its observations with the genius of a spellbinding storyteller and renders its judgments with the wisdom of a philosopher.
The book is a summary statement of the views of the author regarding society and its corruption, clergymen, politics, human rights, courts of justice, money, love, psychology of wars, art and literature. Underlying his harsh critical attitude is the author’s deep desire for reform.

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