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Dahesh Voice is a cultural magazine that deals with intellectual subjects by independent writers. It is published in both the Arabic and the English languages under one cover, is presented to you in a simple yet elegant format accompanied by calligraphic, full-color and other various illustrations. Dahesh Voice addresses itself to all, experts and non-experts alike. It aspires to commit its articles to a high standard of objectivity, while at the same time remains receptive to every truth, virtue and beauty. For those reasons, among others, Dahesh Voice has adopted a direction that is both humanistic and spiritual. It has embraced the task of further introducing to the world a great philosopher and writer—Dr. Dahesh—whose literary creations have exceeded 150 works in several literary genres encompassing quite novel views about the concerns of humanity. Dahesh Voice has been named after Dr. Dahesh because of the values that the word “Dahesh” came to symbolize, ideally those of truth, virtue, and specially liberty—all represented by the very life of the man himself. Perhaps it is no coincidence that Dahesh Voice is to appear today in New York, the city that witnessed at the turn of the twentieth century the revival of a literary movement then headed by Kahlil Gibran, author of The Prophet. Finally, after a lengthy period of quiescence, this eagerly awaited for magazine is here to fill a void in the immigrant world of literary journalism.

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 8 № 3 Issue # 31, Dec 2003
English Section

Untitled document

Editorial:  Globalization and its Consequences The Editor  Page # 1

Editorial:  A Communicative Approach to Teaching Arabic… George N. El-Hage, Ph.D.  Page # 4

Literature:  Al-Fun_«n, its Mission and Message (II) Richard Alan Popp, Ph.D.  Page # 12 

Religion:  Ancient Inscriptions Confirm Dr. Dahesh’s Assertion that Jesus Had Siblings Dr. Dahesh  Page # 20  

Museums and Exhibitions:  Arab Americans in New York City Vladimir F. Wertsman  Page # 31

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 8 № 4 Issue # 32, Spring 2003
English Section:

Nazzareno Cipriani, Head of a North African Woman Watercolor over traces of pencil on paper 15 x 11 inches © Copyright Dahesh Museum of Art. All rights reserved


Editorial:  From Globalization to “One World”
The Editor  Page # 1


Literature:  Classical Encyclopedia – II…
Ahmed Etman, Ph.D.  Page # 4


Civilization:  Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Sameh M. Arab, M.D., Ph.D  Page # 7


Civilization:  Mathematics in Ancient Mesopotamia
Sema`an I. Salem, Ph.D.  Page # 14


Pedagogy:  A Communicative Approach to Teaching Arabic…(II)
George N. El-Hage, Ph.D  Page # 20


Selections:  Memoirs of A Dinar: The Philosophy of War
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 28

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 9 № 1 Issue # 33, Summer 2003
English Section:

© Réunion des Musées Nationaux / Art Resource, NY Torso of an Amarnian Princess End of the 18th Dynasty Painted limestone E 14715. Photo: H. Lewandowski Location: Louvre, Paris, France


Editorial:  World Peace Depends on Justice and Equality…
The Editorial Board  Page # 1


Global Issues:  Altering the Delicate Balance of Nature
Sema`an I. Salem, Ph.D.  Page # 4


Global Issues:  Protection of Cultural Heritage
Taysir Nashif, Ph.D.  Page # 10


Civilization:  Pyramids and The Sphinx: Gifts of The Desert
Farouk El-Baz  Page # 13


Art:  Visiting New York’s Top Art Museums
Vladimir F. Wertsman  Page # 19


Selections:  Harmakhis and Amonarits
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 29

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 9 № 2 Issue # 34, Autumn 2003
English Section:

Dr. Fareed Abu Sleiman, Amesterdam–Holland


Editorial:  Is There Hope for Revival in the Underdeveloped Countries?
The Editor  Page # 1


Literature:  Badr Shakir al-Sayyab and the Role of the Modern Arab Poet
George N. El-Hage, Ph.D.  Page # 4


Cosmology:  Asteroids, Meteors, Comets, and Mass Extinctions
Sema`an I. Salem, Ph.D.  Page # 14


Selections:  Kingdom of Jinn
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 22


Eulogy:  In Memory of Dr. Fareed Abu Sleiman
Qassim Awada  Page # 30


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Dahesh Voice Vol. 1 № 2 Issue # 2, Sept. 1995
English Section:

"Birds of Paradise" by Austrian Artist Joseph Streich


Editorial:  Spiritual Awakening in the Land of Materialism
The Editor  Page # 1


Selections:  This Society (intoduction to the book) and Chap. 1-5 from Memoirs of A Dinar
Dr. Dahesh A Trans. by A. Watani  Page # 4


Essay:  On Growing Up in America
Gibran Majdalany, Ed.D.  Page # 11


Science:  Fiber Optic Telecommunications
Louay Eldada, Ph.D.  Page # 16


Art:  The Dahesh Museum
Page # 23


Science:  Science and Art
R. Sahliya, Ph.D.  Page # 29

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 1 № 3 Issue # 3, Dec. 1995
English Section:

Gibran Kahlil Gibran (thirty five years old)

Private collection, photo courtesy of Jean Gibran and Kahlil Gibran of Boston, Massachusetts (USA).


Editorial:  In the Centennial Anniversary of his Arrival in America
The Editorial Board  Page # 2


Selections:  Between Two Vipers. (trans. by Wadida Wassif)
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 4


Art:  The Science of Art Conservation
R. Sahliya, Ph.D.  Page # 6


Science:  GSPH-1: A Promising Vegetal Compound in the Fight Against AIDS
Mohamed Ben Amar, M.Sc. Richard Morisset, M.D. Parviz Ghadirian, Ph.D. Guy Poirier  Page # 13


Computers:  Computer Viruses Phenomena
Elias Majdalani, Ph.D.  Page # 17


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Dahesh Voice Vol. 1 No. 1 Issue # 1 - June 1995
Editorial: Dahesh Voice
The Editor Page # 1

Science: The Physical Nature of Light
Louay Eldada, Ph.D. Page # 3

Could Daheshism Be the Solution
Mounir Murad Page # 10

The Daheshist Journey
Mario Henry Chakkour Page # 16

Selections: The Hospitaliy of Jonas and Peter
Dr. Dahesh Page # 26 Learn More

Dahesh Voice Vol. 1 № 4 Issue # 4, March 1996
English Version:

1994 Corel Corporation


Editorial:  Is Western Civilization in Crisis?
The Editor  Page # 1


Medical/Medicine:  The Biology of Behavior, A Focus on Panic Disorder
Salima Merani, Ph.D.  Page # 4


Science:  Lasers: Operation and Applications
Louay Eldada, Ph.D.  Page # 8


Reincarnation/ Philosophy:  Brief Description of Main Theories of Reincarnation
A. Watani  Page # 20


Selections:  Black Zola (A Trans. by A. Watani)
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 24

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 2 № 1 Issue # 5, June 1996
English Section:

Portrait of Dr. Dahesh, by P. Koroleff


Editorial:  Promise and Remembrance
The Editorial Board  Page # 1


Medical/Medicine:  Nutrition and Cancer
Dr. Parviz Ghadirian  Page # 4


Art:  Art Forgeries
R. Sahliya, Ph.D.  Page # 7


Literature:  William Blake and Kahlil Gibran
George N. El-Hage, Ph.D.  Page # 16


Cosmology:  New Planets! New Life?
Souad Guarnina, M.Sc. and Don R. Baker, Ph.D.  Page # 30


Reincarnation/ Philosophy:  Reincarnation in the Daheshist Doctrine
A. Watani  Page # 37

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Dahesh Voice Vol. 2 № 2 Issue # 6, Sept. 1996
English Section:

admin Cover © 1994 Corel Corporation


Editorial:  Man Can Shape His Future
The Editor  Page # 1


Medical/Medicine:  Understanding Your Cholesterol...
Youssef Hanna, M.D.  Page # 4


Literature:  William Blake and Kahlil Gibran...
George N. El-Hage, Ph.D.  Page # 9


Memoirs:  Growing up in Park Slope
Tula Lewnes  Page # 25


Selections:  Dahesh Prayer
Dr. Dahesh  Page # 31


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